All new interactive videos help brands increase awareness, engagement, and VTR

Implementing interactive videos in your marketing strategy just got easier. We are thrilled to announce our new interactive video solutions.

Interactivity is changing the way video content works. Brands can effectively communicate their product or service by creating a dialogue with customers with choice-based interactive experiences.

The upward trend in video is not slowing anytime soon. According to a recent report by eMarketer, US digital video viewers will increase 7% from 221.8 million to 239.2 million between 2017 and 2021. Not only are customers consuming more video, they want useful information in an entertaining context.

Interactive Storytelling For Immersive Customer Experiences

Reaching your customer is only half of the journey. Achieving engagement, brand awareness and recall is much more difficult. Interactive video ads have been proven to increase the time consumers spend with a brand by 47% while also remaining 32% more memorable than non-interactive ads.1

Using dynamic storyboards, viewers have the power to choose various outcomes, browse alternative plotlines or instructional material created with a video series, skip forward or backward to select specific screens and much more.

How to Use Interactive Video To Communicate And Inform

Viralize’s Interactive Video Solutions allow brands to create informative content journeys tailored for product, promotional or branding campaigns.

Showcase products with photos and instructional videos in a single interactive timeline. Add quizzes and video tutorials to educate your audience while improving video completion rate. Construct shoppable videos that integrate instant prices and product information for a seamless purchase funnel.

Interactive video campaigns have been proven to attain 561% lift in total user activity compared to standard pre-roll campaigns2 and increase purchase intent and consideration by 9%3

Discover all the possibilities with interactive video.
Watch our Interactive Video Demos 
to learn more:

Intext with Interactive Smart Forms - Land Rover, Range Rover Velar

Intext to VIP with Interactive Shoppable Products - Madi Ventura, BB Mix

Intext to VIP with Interactive Shoppable Products - Adidas, Alphabounce

Interstitial with Interactive Quiz - Eagle Pictures, Saw Legacy


Our interactive videos are VAST and VPAID compatible with both mobile and desktop browsers.

Contact us for more information and to start your first interactive campaign.

1. Taptica Interactive Video Report 2017
2. Innovid’s 2017 Global Video Benchmarks

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