Viralize, part of the Vetrya Group, together with four other top, international video advertising platforms—PlayAD, Project Agora, ShowHeroes, and Video Intelligence unite to form Union, a joint venture for video advertising in the EMEA market.

Thanks to its founding members, Union establishes strategic relationships and consolidated partnerships with thousands of sites in relevant, local markets covering the entire EMEA area, and provides formats, video content, technology, and monetization possibilities.

Union introduces a unique and exclusive mix of video instream (pre-roll) and outstream formats, allowing advertisers to contextually plan with quality publishers and reach nearly 300 million users.

The goal of the new project is to present an opportunity for media centers and multinational brands to centrally plan EMEA campaigns, as well as for local publishers who can now access global budgets. Global brands can already start planning video campaigns through Union on the main sites of the various countries involved.

The Union network includes renowned international partners such as Marie Claire, Elle, Vanity Fair and CNN, as well as important local publishers such as Aller Media, Axel Springer, Stryia, Libero and Funke Media Group.

Based in London, Union will be led by Managing Director Steven Filler, a prominent figure in the digital sector with over 20 years of experience in commercial roles at leading companies like The Guardian, AOL, Collective and Kargo. Filler has started the first round of hiring to build up the sales and operations team.

Read more in Vetrya’s official press release (Italian).

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