Increase Your Revenue with Video Advertising

Video advertising can be a profitable way to increase your revenue when compared to classic banner and static advertisements. Video is more engaging and, more importantly, can be used in addition to classic ad types.

All you need to do is choose a platform that will allow you to distribute video advertising on your site.

Viralize offers you a simple solution for monetizing your website using video advertising

  • Easy integration when banner ads are present
  • Video formats and high quality campaigns, even on mobile
  • Transparency and punctuality of earnings and payments


How can I start publishing video ads on my site?

Just sign up for an account and copy and paste a simple HTML tag on your site to start publishing promotional videos. Do you already use digital advertising on your site? If so, you can also choose to distribute third-party video ads using our platform.

What video ad formats are most effective and which option should I choose?

The most effective video ad format is the one that integrates well with your site’s content type while earning you the most revenue. Viralize offers the following format families:

  • Viralize OutStream lays over your existing content without sacrificing your website’s design
  • Viralize Native an inline ad format that is most effective when placed towards the top of the page
  • Viralize Display occupies your website’s dedicated ad space, and can easily replace a static banner ad

If you already have a video player on your website, you can opt to use our VAST tags.

How can I track my earnings?

You can monitor your campaigns in real-time in the Report section of your console. Viralize offers a punctual, transparent payment system, and a secure record of any past and current invoices. You can find these records in the Finance section of your console.

Increase your revenue with video advertising. Become a Viralize publisher today!