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Take control of your video distribution and content monetization with our Publisher Solutions.  Easily manage every aspect of your storytelling journey while boosting ad revenue with our intuitive, proprietary platform and high-performance video units. Choose from high-quality, relevant videos from top-notch content owners to maximize engagement with Instream and Outstream formats.


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Content marketplace

Access third-party videos or upload your own and take advantage of our Player and Units to distribute and monetize them.

Advertising Solutions

Our video units support both Instream and Outstream ad delivery guaranteeing 100% viewability on every device.

Your sales, our Units

Use our tools for direct or programmatic sales or let us help you manage your campaigns in your channels with our white-glove support.

International Demand

Strong relationships with global media agencies, brands and major programmatic platforms maximize fill and assure high performance monetization, adding to your own direct sales.

Endless video selection

Choose from thousands of relevant videos from top Creators spanning 29 IAB-classified categories including entertainment, lifestyle, sports, travel and food.

User Experience

We give publishers complete control. Our units can be personalized in behaviour and appearance to create the best possible viewing experience for your users.

Generate endless video inventory with our easy, tag-based integration

Select your Unit. Copy tag. Insert in site. It’s that simple.

Increase engagement and ad revenue with seamless, contextual video content with cross-device compatibility. Our Units include content-driven solutions — Matrix and Stream — and outstream formats such as Video in Picture, InText and Interstitial.

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Enhance your storytelling

Tell a damn good story and your audience will listen. With top-tier content from trusted partners, you will become a storytelling rockstar. Our curated video library offers standout content while contextual, unobtrusive native Units ensure engagement and reach on every device.

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Easily manage your demand

Use our platform for your direct or programmatic sales, or let us help you monetize your inventory thanks to our direct relationships with top brands, media agencies and programmatic platforms. Our waterfall management system assures you get the highest fill-rate possible and the best return.

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Our powerful platform makes your job easy while the dashboard organizes the juicy stuff.

Easy, tag-based integration

Effortlessly integrate units into your pages and across sites, either directly or through your ad server. We support all major industry ad servers and provide full technical support.

Browse premium content

Efficiently search and embed videos from our content partners in your pages with just a few clicks. Leverage our filtering system to find the exact video you need to enhance your story.

Granular reporting

Monitor views, performance and revenues in real time. Take advantage of fine-grained reporting to understand what works and optimize accordingly.

Viralize ​​​​​​

as a service

Are you a top-tier media company with a sales team looking to boost additional ad revenue? We’ll lend our superpowers to help. How? Monetize your own video content with our exclusive formats, or sell direct or programmatic campaigns on your networks using our precise targeting tools and optimization algorithms.

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