Press Release: Viralize Introduces a Threefold Collaborative Model and Company Rebrand.

A Notable Technology Expansion, Solutions for Advertisers, Publishers and Video Creators, and Company Rebrand Place Viralize at the Center of the Online Video Ecosystem.

Florence, Italy, April 28, 2015 Viralize, the video advertising platform and YouTube Advertising Partner that has worked with such brands as Heineken, Samsung, and Marvel Entertainment, announced the launch of a notable technology expansion and fresh new global rebranding campaign, positioning the 2 year old Florentine startup at the center of the online video ecosystem and as a global player in technology development.

The company’s rebrand is part of a strategic shift towards offering complete solutions for Advertisers, Publishers, and Creators, while providing an all-encompassing collaborative monetization and distribution solution that supports their online video-based business models, from advertising to content distribution and monetization.

Viralize provides Advertisers with a reliable system for planning and monitoring InStream or video seeding campaigns with ensured distribution through the Viralize Premium Publishers Network, and access to leading RTB exchanges. Alongside audience targeting, and in relation to the available video library, Advertisers will have control over which video content their InStream campaigns are associated with. Video campaigns can have CPV, CPM or CPC pricing models. Viralize has simplified its reporting solutions by introducing an effective new method for measuring the Viewability of published videos and for analyzing the sentiment of social network commenting.

Publishers will benefit from a high fill-rate thanks to integration with leading RTB exchanges, and access to quality video content with a number of formatting options such as InStream, OutStream, Display, and Native, that can be integrated into website content and adapted to publishing needs. Publishers will have access to a redesigned dashboard that makes it easy to manage and embed video ads while providing clear revenue insights and analytics.

Viralize has now introduced new online video solutions to support the needs of video Creators. Creators are presented with a solution for monetizing and distributing their original content both through YouTube and through Viralize, while maintaining creative control of their product. Original video content is uploaded to Viralize and made available to Publishers and Bloggers to distribute and monetize on their sites, while YouTube content remains on the video-hosting site and is monetized directly through the Creator’s YouTube channel. Viralize became an official YouTube partner in 2014.

On the financial front, Viralize has recently received a new round of seed investments and awards, most notably securing an important capital investment from Club Digitale to support technology development and commercial expansions. Viralize won over the jury during Aruba Pitch Day, in Arezzo, Italy on April 16, 2015, with its innovative IT architecture design and was accepted into the coveted ELITE program from Aruba Cloud Startup, which featured a 75,000 euro credit cloud prize from, the leading hosting and cloud provider in Italy. Viralize has also received seed investments from P101 and Club Italia Investimenti 2 and has just undergone a notable company expansion. The Florentine startup now totals 16 employees.

Core elements of the rebrand include a new logo that features a triangle within a circle. The circle represents a 360º technology platform provided by Viralize in the online video ecosystem, while the triangle refers to the video play button that points forward towards innovation.

The new tagline “Powering the Future of the Global Video Ecosystem” refers to the multifaceted reach and technological platform that Viralize provides its clients. 

About Viralize

Viralize is a technology platform that supports the online video-based business models of Advertisers, Publishers, and Creators, from advertising to content distribution. We provide easy, reliable, and adaptable solutions built on state of the art technology. Viralize was founded in 2013 in collaboration with the startup studio, Nana Bianca, and is based in Florence, Italy.

About Nana Bianca

Nana Bianca is a startup studio in the digital sphere, fostering the development and carefully overseeing the development of innovative digital startups through all phases, from birth to maturity. Project specialties include advertising, digital marketing, mobile services, apps, and e-commerce startups. Nana Bianca currently has 27 active projects, with 150 people working at out of its two headquarters in Florence, Italy. Teams are made up of millennials from over 10 different countries.

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