The DailyNet’s Giacomo Broggi interviews Co-Founder and CPO Ugo Vespier on the latest platform news and what lies ahead for Viralize in 2017

A normal week at Viralize consists of important product launches, international team-building and impressive ad request numbers, 2 billion to be exact. All in a day’s work according to Ugo Vespier, Co-Founder and CPO of the Florence-based marketing technology company.

Recently recognized as leader in the video ads sector for .it domains by BuiltWith®, well-known online business intelligence tool, Viralize is poised for global expansion. Giacomo Broggi of the DailyNet — daily online media journal of website — sat down with Vespier to talk shop and find out what is in the cards for the young, flourishing Florentine company.

Following is an excerpt of the interview translated from Italian featured in the July 4th edition of the DailyNet, recently distributed at the IAB Italia Programmatic Seminar 2017. For more online media news in Italian sign up for the DailyNet here.



How is Viralize’s activity evolving in context to the immense growth of video we are seeing on all different levels of communication?

Since 2013, Viralize has grown closely following the dynamics of online video, evolving from an ad network to today's integrated video management, distribution and monetization solution. We have put particular emphasis on the need for transparency and quality of Advertisers who, over time, have rewarded us with their trust.

Today, we are one of the leading providers of video advertising products and technologies in Italy. Industry-leading, worldwide website profiler and competitive analysis company BuiltWith® confirms Viralize as leader in the "Digital Video Ads" category for the Italian web in their weekly analysis report.

We are very satisfied with our ongoing growth, the result of constant, meticulous work from an outstanding team that has learned to work tenaciously and with great sensibility to market demands.


You have recently launched dedicated platforms for publishers and creators. What are your goals and characteristics of these two new solutions?

The goal of the new platform and forthcoming updates is to provide publishers and creators with video content tools to network and collaborate on value-added video editorial products. This solution is coupled with easy-to-use and effective monetization solutions for advertisers. The video marketplace and direct demand management, introduced at the beginning of June, represent a first important step in this direction.

Publishers can take advantage of the Player, Units and Viralize Platform to deliver and track their own direct campaigns. The service, which has been widely used over the past few months by select publishers such as Condé Nast, is now accessible in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode to whoever requests it.

The second development is the introduction of the video marketplace. Following the recent launch of the Matrix and Stream units, aimed at distributing automatically-selected, semantic-based video content, the marketplace provides video content ready for publication and direct monetization. It is targeted primarily to smaller and less structured publishers, a segment notoriously lacking video instream inventory.

The video library includes thousands of videos in 6 languages (including Italian) from more than 50 international creators. The distribution technology and Matrix and Stream formats are also available to publishers who produce their own video content and want to manage it through the Viralize publisher platform. Publishers can directly sell their generated instream inventory and delegate Viralize for the monetization of that which goes unsold.


Your team has grown significantly in the past year. Which departments have you reinforced?

We have strengthened all of our business areas and departments from product development and ad operations to our sales team. In addition to our Italian offices in Milan and Rome, we have international sales offices now in London, Madrid and New York.


Video is a very efficient format for mobile devices. How is Viralize equipped to distribute mobile video?

Since entering the market, we have always paid special attention to mobile devices with ad-hoc advertising and technology products. We were among the first in the world, and the first in Italy, to introduce a mobile player with autoplay support. Today, our formats are designed for mobile and include successful solutions such as Video in Picture and new formats, Matrix and Stream, for content distribution. We have also launched vertical video which supports creatives in 9:16.


How is Viralize responding to increased need for transparency and measurability in the industry?

We integrate with major measuring and verification tools (comScore, Nielsen, MOAT, DoubleVerify, IAS) to ensure the highest levels of transparency that have become market standards. We have also developed proprietary viewability tracking technology, even stricter than IAB standards, for advertisers as an additional tool along with customer preferred third-party tools.

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