Interactive Case Studies

Discover how interactive features like shoppable products, linked hotspots and online forms have improved engagement and CTR for top brands. Click on a campaign to view our interactive case studies.

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Clickable Hotspot

Hotspots can be placed anywhere in the video and are typically used to trigger another event when clicked.

Photo Gallery

The Interactive gallery is used to showcase different products, services, movie characters and more.

Store Locator

Permette all’utente di individuare lo store più vicino sul video


Possibilità di creare una wishlist direttamente nel video

Shoppable Products

Shoppable products are used for campaigns that promote a new product or lines of products.


Quizzes and Polls are used to engage the user by asking their opinion on anything related to the brand, the content, or the product.

Online Form

Interactive Forms are used for lead generation campaigns across a variety of industries (automotive, financial services, telecommunications, etc.).

Interactive Timecode

Navigazione all’interno del video, da un secondo all’altro, attraverso widget interattivi

HTML Container

È possibile ospitare un qualsiasi componente in HTML5 nel widget

Interactive Card

Card interattiva che si gira al mouse hover mostrando ulteriori informazioni

Add to Calendar

Add to Calendar allows users to save an event to their calendar of choice across both mobile and desktop.

3D Touch

3D touch technology in order to measure how long the user presses over the widget.

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