Viralize launches powerful Audience Network for precise customer profiling and campaign targeting

Reaching interested, potential customers while minimizing ad spend is every company’s goal. Using precise targeting tools is crucial in accomplishing this challenge. Over the past years, we have meticulously studied our users’ online journeys. Now, that leading-edge data is ready to help brands speak directly to their next ideal customer.

Today, we are launching the Viralize Audience Network, a powerful pool of data generated by continuous analysis of user interest-based browsing behavior and integration with top data partners.

How does the Viralize Audience Network work?

Viralize is able to construct precise user profiles from browsing history, content in articles and web pages, geolocation and language. By applying semantic analysis algorithms, we classify the content of every web page in our network and collect user data accordingly.

Viralize Audience Builder - News

Thanks to relationships with top data partners, premium demographics, and intent data combined with our advanced contextual analysis tools, we can construct accurate, targetable customer identities.

With this razor-sharp data, advertisers can leverage the Viralize Audience Network to target and reach very specific audiences who are more likely to engage with their content. For example, a health food brand could choose to target young women under the age of thirty living in the United States from middle-income households.

Get an estimate of your target audience

Optimize your next video advertising campaign. Generate an accurate estimate of your target audience with our Audience Builder. Filter by gender, age, interest, and location to understand approximate monthly impressions and unique users.

We can also build customized user segments based on specific keywords not covered by IAB categories. Contact us to learn more.

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