What is Video Seeding? Let’s Find Out!

Video seeding is a targeted form of social advertising and video distribution that amps up potential reach, while boosting the initial impact of your video campaign.

Who can benefit from a video seeding campaign?

Advertisers and Creators at all levels can benefit immensely from a targeted video seeding strategy, the possibilities are endless. Big brands, media agencies, small business owners, YouTubers, musicians, bloggers, and pretty much anyone with video content that they would like to share can benefit from launching a seeded video advertising campaign.

Filming a video of any type is no easy feat. There are a number of factors that affect the quality of your product and how effectively your message is communicated. After investing a large amount of time, effort, and resources into creating your video, it would be an incredible shame to realize that the success of your campaign nowhere matches the successful presentation of your product. Working with a video advertising company, like Viralize, will help you ensure and track views while giving you the insight you need to promote your brand, connect with your customer and foster conversation. The boost you get from a seeded marketing campaign will benefit you brand awareness, impact, viewership, and engagement.

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Is launching an online video seeding campaign complicated?

Don’t worry, launching a seed marketing campaign is one of the easiest parts of the video-making process. Once your story is developed, prepped and filmed, and your post production editing, and possibly narration completed, your video is ready to laud the process is really simple. Just send us a quick message, and we will help you choose your player format, set up your audience targeting, and launch your campaign! You take care of the content, and Viralize takes care of the distribution.

Where will my video be seen?

Your video will be posted across our vast Publisher’s Network, on the sites, blogs, and social networks that suit your content and brand best, effectively boosting your campaign reach, views, and social shares. The ripple effect of catching your potential client or fan, and having them share your content across their social network is exponentially higher than posting a video on your brand’s social media profiles, where your contact is primarily with current fans and customers. Through advanced targeting options, you can maximize reach across uncharted networks. You can choose your target audience based on geo-targeting, interests, demographics, and more.

When is the best moment to launch an online video seeding campaign?

Some of the most effective moments to launch a campaign may coincide with a company milestone, product launch, or event, where your impact is increased, but try not to neglect maintaining brand awareness and engagement over the long term during less heightened periods of interest.

Seeding your online video advertising campaign will effectively boost your views, spark interest and encouraging sharing. By partnering with Viralize, we can help you target your audience by distributing through our Publishers Network, embedding your video on relevant websites, blogs, and YouTube Channels, and across social networks.