3 Basics of a Successful Video Seeding Strategy

Video seeding is a targeted form of social advertising and video distribution that amps up potential reach, while boosting the initial impact of your video campaign.

If you are unsure about what video seeding is, why not begin by reading our primer article, What is Video Seeding? Let’s Find Out! which explains everything you need to know.

There are 3 main elements to consider when developing an effective video seeding strategy: Content, Timing, and Target.

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1. Content

Having relevant, interesting content is the foundation for any good video advertising campaign. Effective engagement comes from effective storytelling. Map out your story arc and the exact message, or messages, you want to communicate in advance, before starting the production process. This preparation will save you time and energy in the long term, and help cultivate a cohesive, linear, and engaging story.

The manner in which your story is presented is just as important as the story. Take the time to consider your audio, narrative, and visual components individually to ensure they come together in a complementary way. Audio and visual elements should enhance, not distract from, your brand story.

2. Timing

Timing, as usual, is everything. The most effective video marketing campaigns coincide with a product launch, seasonal event, or advantageous milestone. These are the best moments to begin distribution. Taking advantage of the momentum of a campaign launch, holiday, or event will promote your video’s organic spread through the seeding process.

Your video will need to initially be published on an online video player. Choosing a professional like Viralize for your video seeding strategy ensures that the video player will be compatible with all platforms, and across all desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

3. Target

Marketing strategies and successful social media campaigns can help, but in order to target a specific audience and generate as many views as possible, you will need a marketing solution targeted to video.

Online video seeding is a combination of effective tactics, but ultimately, the best way to encourage your target audience to watch a video is to have them share it through social media or promote it on their blog or website. The purpose of a video seeding campaign is to push the video out into the web, lighting the initial spark of interest where your video was found, so that it can be shared across social networks, and, above all, watched.

Social media sharing is one of the most effective ways to distribute your video, and works in tandem with its strategic placement on websites, blogs, and video-hosting sites based on your specific audience targeting and viewership needs. The distribution of your video on our Publisher’s Network will be taken care of by Viralize, based on your audience targeting, format, and budget choices.

Benefits of a Video Seeding Strategy

By sharing a video on your company’s social media pages alone, your video will only reach your current audience, fans and customers. These are the people who already support your business enough to follow you on social media. The ultimate goal for a successful video seeding strategy should be brand awareness, current customer engagement, gaining new viewers, fans, followers and ultimately new client acquisition. Launching a video seeding campaign will exponentially expand your potential network of social shares and place your content in front of a fresh set of eyes.

When you focus on creating quality video content, paying attention to timing, and effectively choosing your target audience, you can simply and easily maximize the impact and reach of your brand’s video seeding strategy.

By partnering with Viralize, we can help you target the audience of your video seeding campaign by distributing through our Publishers Network, embedding your video on relevant websites, blogs, and across social networks.