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Precise audience targeting, global reach and guaranteed viewability


Instant connection

with your next customer

Simplify your video advertising experience and make sure your ideas reach the right audience, locally or globally. Plan your campaigns on 5000+ curated websites directly integrated with our fully viewable video placements. Define your audience by demographics and interests and we’ll make sure your message reaches the right people at scale.

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Trusted Inventory,
Big Audience

Instream and Outstream multi-screen placements integrated with 5000+ brand-safe sites to distribute premium video content to targeted audiences.

Managed or Programmatic

We support direct and programmatic buying with CPM, viewable-CPM and CPCV pricing. With all buying models you receive white-glove service from our Ad Ops team.

KPI Optimization

Our rockstar campaign managers will optimize your KPIs and provide detailed updates, day-to-day support, and robust reporting.

Viewability first

Our Units are designed to maximize engagement and viewability guaranteeing that you get the most out of your ad budget for every impression.

Verification tools

We integrate with industry-leading measurement and fraud detection companies to ensure transparent, viewable and measurable inventory.

Brand Safety

All of our publishers directly integrate our Units and are screened for quality and content appropriateness both manually and automatically.

Brand-Safe Audiences

Optimize brand impact with razor-sharp audience targeting by demographics and IAB-certified interest categories. Your message is sure to get across with 5000+ direct and brand-safe publishers distributing content-based placements from 50+ premium content partners.

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Units that deliver

Our Player and Units are designed to engage users and provide seamless campaign distribution on all desktop and mobile devices. Premium instream placements are the result of our content distribution units, Matrix and Stream, while the bulk of our outstream inventory is delivered with units Video in Picture, InText and Interstitial.


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Verification Tools

We integrate with the best in the business to ensure 100% site-level transparency and verifiability. Reliable measurement, viewability and fraud detection make it easy to be in total control of your campaign; ads will always appear in context in front of the audiences most likely to consume them.

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You can count on us. Get in touch to learn more about our advertising products, services and pricing.

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